Facilitator Spotlight with Rashad Brown

Facilitator Spotlight with Rashad Brown

TOP in New York

Morris Heights Health Center, Bronx, NY

How long have you worked with youth? In what capacity?

Rashad Brown (RB): I have been working in the capacity as a teacher for 10 years. I have taught 6-8th grade science and math. I spend the majority of my time teaching science to 8th graders.

Describe your role and experience working with the Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

RB: I have worked with TOP now for three years. Since receiving training, I have taken the curriculum and taught my other classes parts of the curriculum once a week. I have seen the worst behaved students change their behavior, get excited about TOP and change their outlook on life.

Are there any TOP projects that stand out to you? Why?

RB: The community service project that stands out to me is the year my students focused on pets in animals shelters. My students visited an animal rescue group and learned more information about their efforts. The students then came back to the school and made Christmas gifts for some of the animals in the shelter. They also raised funds to donate to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of TOP?

RB: Transformative. I have watched the facilitators build meaningful and lasting relationships with the students.

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