What We’re Learning

What We’re Learning

We’ve deepened our focus on social and emotional learning and, as a result, we’re accelerating our positive impact on youth, adults, and systems

Wyman recently released a case study titled “Deepening the Teen Outreach Program® (TOP) Focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): A Case Study of Curriculum and Training Revision and Early Impact.” The case study highlights perspectives from TOP partners about the impact of the revisions on teens, adults, and systems, along with our own internal learning about the curriculum and training revision process. The lessons learned and recommendations from the case study will be of interest to youth practitioners and partner organizations that currently implement TOP, as well as to the broader fields of child and youth development, social and emotional learning, curriculum and program development, evidence-based programming, and implementation science.

To view our case study, click here.

To see our other research and learning resources, visit our Resources page.

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Your Investment In Wyman Has Positively Affected The Lives Of 4,800 Teens, Igniting Change Across Our Region

Your Investment In Wyman Has Positively Affected The Lives Of 4,800 Teens, Igniting Change Across Our Region

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Over the past year, I’ve witnessed Wyman teens thrive far beyond their expectations and ours. The future is filled with hope and inspiration because of teens like Alexis, a Wyman teen who was building life skills before she could even speak, advocating and communicating for her mother, who is deaf. With Wyman’s support, Alexis graduated high school and identified a college and career path that will enable her to help other teens facing similar circumstances. Today, she is on-track to graduate from Missouri State University in 2019 and advocates to make college more accessible to incoming African-American freshman. She also serves as a Youth Trustee of America’s Promise Alliance, the nation’s largest network dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth.

At Wyman, we are stewards in ensuring ALL YOUTH have the opportunities needed to thrive in learning, work and life. With teens just like Alexis at the forefront of our vision, we are actively evolving our programs to include the most up-to-date support teens need to succeed.

Locally, in 2018 we culminated a multi-year merger, which began in 2015 when Wyman merged with InspireSTL. After engaging in an exploratory process that included focus groups and research to identify what teens need most, we are excited to unify the Teen Leadership Program (TLP) and InspireSTL. This shift enables Wyman to provide more holistic support to 500+ teens to achieve educational success, and propel them to successful postsecondary and career paths and a lifetime of leadership.

Regionally, as we pursue a greater future in which each generation thrives, we know that in order to make lasting change for youth, we must pursue collective, results-driven solutions at the systems-level, including education. We’re thrilled and honored to partner with Normandy Schools Collaborative and now, with The School District of University City, where in 2017, we launched our second Youth Impact Partnership. Together with the school districts, we are actively leading, facilitating and aligning community and school services to create more effective, efficient and equitable opportunities for 6,000 students and their communities.

Nationally, Wyman is piloting The Connection Project, a supplement to Wyman’s nationally replicated Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®). Created in partnership with the University of Virginia, The Connection Project aims to ensure all youth have opportunities for strong, healthy connections and relationships that improve their well-being and boost their success.

At Wyman, we do not shy away from initiating change grounded in impact, data and the needs of teens. In fact, over the last 120 years, Wyman has evolved from a youth camp in Eureka, Mo. into an evidence-based provider of programs that empower more than 22,000 teens annually to thrive in more than 190 communities nationwide. We also equip adults to better serve youth and strengthen systems that are so influential in helping young people succeed.

Thank you for your unwavering support and partnership toward creating permanent, positive change in the lives of our region’s – and our nation’s – bright, young leaders.

Claire Wyneken
President and CEO

David K. Rodgers
Chairman of the Board

Download Our 2017 Annual Report Download Our 2017 Financial Report

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Funding Opportunity Announcement – The HHS Office of Adolescent Health

Funding Opportunity Announcement – The HHS Office of Adolescent Health

The HHS Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) has announced the anticipated availability of funds for two new funding opportunities. Eligible organizations may be able to apply for these funds to deliver the Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®). TOP is a positive youth development program designed to build teens’ educational success, life and leadership skills, and healthy behaviors and relationships. For more details about TOP, please see the TOP overview and logic model.

Both funding opportunities require proposed programs to align to one of two programmatic tools. To assist organizations in making a determination about an organization’s fit for these funding sources, Wyman has developed two alignment documents. While there is alignment with both tools, based on Wyman’s review, we believe that there is a tighter and more robust alignment with the Tool to Assess the Characteristics of Effective Sex and STD/HIV Education Programs.

Teen Outreach Program’s Alignment with the Tool to Assess the Characteristics of Effective Sex and STD\HIV Education Programs 

Teen Outreach Program’s Alignment with the SMARTool

More About the Funding
Phase I Replicating Programs (Tier 1) Effective in the Promotion of Healthy Adolescence and the Reduction of Teenage Pregnancy and Associated Risk Factors – The purpose of this opportunity is to replicate and scale up programs that include the protective factors shown to be effective in the prevention of risk behaviors, including teen pregnancy. The overall goal is to promote healthy adolescence and to address youth sexual risk holistically or across the interrelated factors that promote optimal health and result in healthy decision-making, including teen pregnancy prevention. To learn more, view the announcement on Grants.gov.

Phase I New and Innovative Strategies (Tier 2) to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy and Promote Healthy Adolescence – The purpose of this opportunity is to develop and test new and innovative strategies to prevent teen pregnancy, promote healthy adolescence and address youth sexual risk holistically. The goal is to improve healthy decision-making and future thriving by enhancing protective factors with youth, with supplementary focus possible at the systems-level, with families and among caregivers. Projects are expected to have high potential to enhance protective factors shown to improve the health of adolescents. To learn more, view the announcement on Grants.gov.

Questions About Teen Outreach Program, Applications or Requests for Letters of Support
Tori Gale, Partnership & Administration Manager
Tori.Gale@WymanCenter.org | 314-712-2368

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